cabracega: coca cola projects




the studio cabracega was founded in 2008 by hugo tornelo and pedro alegria, who met while studying at the design academy eindhoven. their work looks at daily experiences, questioning the meaning and relationship between space, services, rituals and objects, developing new interactions with the mundane, transforming observers into participants.

cabracega: coca cola projects a broom, dustpan, and duster have become weapons for clean-up. image © designboom





‘make household not war’, ‘mary had a little lamp’ and ‘you are here’ were projects commissioned for the coca-cola light exhibition at this year’s experimentadesign programme. the brief was to re-invent second-hand objects collected during the coca-cola light campaign. cabracega wanted to develop objects for a broader context, so they would tell a new story.

cabracega: coca cola projects ‘you are here’ umbrella




you are here is a geographic / spatial symbol – a kind of ‘X’ marks the spot. the iconic target graphic has been blown up onto an umbrella, making you an object of visibility.

cabracega: coca cola projects you are here umbrella image © designboom

cabracega: coca cola projects mary had a little lamp



this lamp, provides you with company on those nights of reading alone in bed.

cabracega: coca cola projects mary had a little lamp image © designboom