caesarstone movements by philippe malouin on show at fuori salone 2015
image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone




during milan design week 2015, leading manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces, caesarstone, presents ‘movements’ — an interactive installation that combines an eight-piece swing-set and a collection of handmade planters conceived by philippe malouin. positioned within the historic palazzo serbelloni, ‘movements’ is divided into two parts, each of which explores the unexpected application of the caesarstone material, and its distinctive textures, in process-based design.

in his collaboration with caesarstone, philippe malouin has conceived 20 large vases from the premium stone
image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone




the first of the two parts, the swings, are placed within the palace’s grand hall. typically associated with carefree, childish activity, they are removed from their original playground surroundings — the historical setting bringing an out-of-context element into play, inviting visitors to interact with the work.

the planters display the diversity of caesarstone textures and possible applications
image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone




in the adjacent room, malouin displays a group of geometric planters which demonstrate the versatility of caesarstone, including its wide variety of colors and possible application techniques; such as its use in traditional inlay and marquetry. the vessels experiment with the inherent characteristics that are unique to the material, and how it can be employed to develop distinctive, textural designs.

philippe malouin
image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone




‘for me the starting point was the exploration of the material, as we tend to start most projects. we therefore focused on spending time in the workshop, except, this was not an ordinary workshop, but a fully equipped solid surface transformation facility. caesarstone is an extremely versatile material that is easy to predict and work with, and it offers a variety of colors and finishes. I therefore experimented with a series of techniques and applications ranging from the mundane to the more experimental.’ – philippe malouin

the geometric arrangement of planters project the textural finishes of caesarstone
image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone




malouin’s installation is the third in a series of collaborations that caesarstone is engaging in with international designs, asking them to explore the premium stone material in new ways. his work follows nendo’s stone garden which looks at how caesartone can be applied to furniture, and raw edges’ ‘islands’ which expresses the use of caesarstone as a surface and its potential use within the domestic domain.


‘for our third large-scale presentation in milan, we were interested in delving into philippe malouin’s unique approach to product design, so that the qualities unique to caesarstone material – such as strength and flexibility, are explored in a thoroughly new way.’eli feiglin, VP of marketing at caesarstone

image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone


image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone


the unique characteristics of the caesarstone material creates distinctive designs and textures
image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone


the hand-made collection of vases take on geometric forms
image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone


image courtesy of tom mannion/caesarstone