campana brothers deliciously create candy + fungo lighting for lasvit



fernando and humberto campana have deliciously conceived the ‘candy’ collection and ‘fungo’ chandleier for lasvit.

‘candy’ collection sphere chandelier
hand-blown glass, polished brass
∅ 1080 mm + 1, 200 kg
G4 LED module




the ‘candy’ collection is comprised of a sphere and ring chandelier, along with a small ‘lollipop’ table lamp, which aesthetically draws on the brazilian designers’ colorful ‘sushi’ series, except expressed in glass — a material that has fascinated the brothers since their childhood. the family of lights are further influenced by the vibrant sweets sold in popular markets in brazil. each of the pieces are made by lasvit’s craftsmen, all produced in hand-blown glass and metal.
detail of the sweet, colorful details



for the ‘candy’ collection we wanted to explore the colorful universe of our sushi series and to express it through a glass collection,’ says fernando campana. ‘our fascination for this material dates back to our childhood. we were completely seduced by the glass objects that we used to put against the light to investigate their shadows, colors, transparency, dimensions and to imagine worlds inside them,’ he adds.
‘candy’ collection ring chandelier
hand-blown glass, polished brass
∅1500 × H800 mm + l, 80 kg
G4 LED module




the brightness of the glass combined with the collection’s palette of colors as well as the visual aspect of the colorful lines make you imagine the piece as a candy, as a lollipop. as for the shape of the chandeliers, it comes from our sushi IV chair‘, adds humberto.

detail of the brass structure



when we first visited the lasvit glassworks in lindava we discovered a large number of possibilities to explore. they have a wide range of techniques that draw our attention and touched us,’ says fernando. humberto completes, ‘they are very enthusiastic about new possibilities of manufacturing so they challenged us to come up with new ideas. our collaboration was very inspiring. they were looking at exploring new techniques and us coming from a country with little tradition in glass, were able to bring a new and fresh vision to this project.’campana-brothers-lasvit_designboom_004
‘candy’ collection lollipop table lamp
hand-blown glass, polished brass
∅175 × H 410mm, 5kg
G4 LED module


the ‘making of’ the ‘candy’ collection
video courtesy of lasvit

‘fungo’ chandelier
wood, hand-blown clear glass
∅1700 × H 1250mm + l, 80 kg
LED neutral white



the campana’s ‘fungo’ chandelier draws references from the organic shapes of wild mushrooms, but more specifically, the fungus which they found growing in the basement of lasvit’s glassworks; where an ancient wooden glassblowing mold had succumbed to the ravages of humidity. this accidental happenstance fueled the conception of the suspended lighting in which they have fused the glassmaking tradition with wood. the result is a contrast between the transparent blown-glass elements and the more rigid lumber structure from which they emerge.

the glass elements reference the fungus which grows out of wood as a result of humidity


when we went to the lasvit glassworks in lindava, we visited their basement where the wooden moulds used to create the shapes of their glass pieces are stored. we noticed a kind of mushroom that grows on them thanks to the humidity. this scenery inspired us to create this piece,’ says fernando campana. ‘our work has always been influenced by nature, and we wanted to mix it with lasvit’s tradition and to fuse their techniques with natural materials‘.


humberto campana continues: ‘our main purpose is to create a shock between the formal rigidity of the chandelier’s wooden structure and the pieces of glass that seem to spontaneously germinate from the wood‘. campana-brothers-lasvit_designboom_001