‘Canairi’: intuitive storytelling to detect indoor air quality 


‘Canairi’ is an award-winning fresh air monitor that uses a combination of narrative and technology to monitor indoor air quality and encourage people to ventilate their homes. Launched on Kickstarter by co-founders Andreas Sørensen and Hans Augustenborg, it is stripped from unplesant sensors, blinking lights, ringing alarms, and harmful blue rays from screens. Instead, the monitor is equipped with a simple and intuitive storytelling language that both children and adults can instinctively understand.





On their source of inspiration, the co-founders (see more here) write: ‘Back in the days, mineworkers would bring a canary with them in the coal mine to detect toxic gasses. When the bird fainted, it was time to get out. With a built-in CO₂-sensor, ‘Canairi’ works exactly the same way – but in your home. When the air quality is poor, the bird will drop until you open your windows and bring it back to life.’

canairi air monitor 2

simple and intuitive signals that both children and adults can understand



depending on CO2 levels, the bird drops or stays upright


‘Canairi’ is made of recycled plastic and comes with a wall-mount and rechargeable battery that lasts three months before requiring a USB charge. When CO₂ levels are higher than 1.000 ppm (the global threshold suggested by health authorities) for more than 10 minutes, the bird ‘faints’ by dropping down; this signals homeowners to aerate the indoors. Once CO₂ levels reach below 1.000 ppm, the monitor will revert to a standing position. 


You can pre-order the air monitor on Kickstarter here

canairi air monitor 8

it comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts three months

canairi air monitor 3

the bird stands upright when indoor air quality is safe

canairi air monitor 4
the bird drops when CO2 levels are high

canairi air monitor 10
the monitor is made of recycled plastic and features a wall-mount 

this bird-shaped air monitor detects high CO2 levels by dropping 'dead'

co-founders Andreas Sørensen and Hans Augustenborg




project info:


name: Canairi

type: indoor air monitor 
co-founded by: Andreas Sørensen & Hans Augustenborg



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