taking up the challenge of creating a monochromatic environment, capital construction has completed the design of ‘the white penthouse’, a stylish private house in kiev, ukraine. the architects realized and equipped the whole space with white colours, in order to provide a neat look to the interior. the project is part of the larger scale design operation of the whole apartment complex named ‘obolon residences’ that was completed in 2020. 

the white penthouse 1
all images by andrey avdeenko



capital construction‘s general concept was to provide maximum open, clean interior space. the apartment consists of two levels, and a lounge terrace on top. the first floor houses the sleeping areas; a master bedroom and a children’s room, separated with smart-glass partition between them, and a hall. situated on the second floor, there is the public zone where residents can gather and socialize. this area includes a wooden fireplace, providing a warm, cozy feeling to the room. on this floor, there is also a kitchen equipped with a food elevator, for additional convenience. on the rooftop, there is a lounge area with a pool, a sauna and a kitchen with BBQ.

the white penthouse 2

the white penthouse 3

the white penthouse 4

the white penthouse 5

the white penthouse 8

the white penthouse 9

the white penthouse 10

the white penthouse 11

the white penthouse 12

the white penthouse 6

the white penthouse 7



project info:

name: the white penthouse
architecture studio: capital construction
chief architect: oleksii shadyria 
design team: iryna hrynyk, anastasiya antonova
area: 200 sqm



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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom