carlo ratti’s free pixel for artemide, controlled using robotic arm
images courtesy of artemide




on display at artemide‘s showroom during the 2015 milan design week, the ‘free pixel’ installation by carlo ratti associati, enables the manipulation of LED emitters through the use of a programmed robotic arm. it signalizes a step towards the liberation of domestic lights, which even through many significant developments, is still restricted to a fixed infrastructure. rather than clinging to a rigid infrastructure, the LED emitters are tiny, low consumption and digitally controlled, meaning they can act as their own dynamic and living ecosystem.


the LED emitters can be moved by humans or by a robotic arm to create infinite patterns with light
video courtesy of carlo ratti associati




the ‘free pixel’ installation shows new possibilities, which are far beyond the familiar on/off of incandescent bulbs. the project can be delicately controlled using digital systems, modifying intensity, position and color to help produce an endless flow of light. it generates random, unique and unpredictable results that not only makes screens more tangible, but also gives people the freedom to manipulate light in space at an unprecedented.


a robot continually positions 1000 pixels on a panel, to assume changing luminous configurations
video courtesy of artemidevideochannel


the robot generates random, unique and unpredictable results


it gives people the freedom to manipulate light in space at an unprecedented






the LED emitters can be configured by hand



inside the free pixel installation


outside the artemide milan showroom