‘bestiario’from the RGB silk scarves collection by carnovsky all photography © marco menghi  all images courtesy of carnovsky




artists/designers francesco rugi and silvia quintanilla of milan-based firm carnovsky have translated their RGB (red, green, blue) wallpaper to silk, creating a collection of three scarves. ‘rosone’, ‘jungla’ and ‘bestiario’ are wearable art pieces which add the element of transparency and movement to the impressions. the three limited edition scarves (99 copies and three artist proofs), are pure silk peau d’ange and are printed and made in italy. each copy of the collection is numbered and signed. the patterns themselves combine the primary colors, resulting in an intricate yet disorienting image. if closely examined, or with the aid of a colored filter, the layers reveal a graphic composition of the animal kingdom.



carnovsky: RGB silk scarves the layered graphic elements change with the movement of the silk  140 x 180 cm (55 x 71 inches)



carnovsky: RGB silk scarves demonstrating the scale and movement of the material



carnovsky: RGB silk scarves detail



carnovsky: RGB silk scarves RGB breakdown of ‘bestiario’



carnovsky: RGB silk scarves‘jungla’ 140 x 140 cm (55 x 55 inches)



carnovsky: RGB silk scarves (left to right) ‘rosone’ and ‘jungla’



carnovsky: RGB silk scarves red, green and blue breakdown of the ‘rosone’