‘bow’ by caroline ziegler for coming soon galerie all photographs by baptiste heller for coming soon galerie

paris-based caroline ziegler has designed ‘bow’ a limited edition furniture object of 8 pieces + 1 A/P, each one numbered and signed for coming soon galerie.

the design of the storage unit is meant to play a contrast between a rounded floating structure and weighty, thick shelves. the visual lightness of the lacquered steel frame is emphasized by cork shelves that appear as if they are suspended massive shapes between a colored parenthesis, the one-post structure becoming a graphic form, almost like a line drawing against its surrounding environment. each unit measures H180 x L130 x W40 cm.

caroline ziegler: bow 3/4 view

caroline ziegler: bow

caroline ziegler: bow detail of the steel frame in connection to the cork shelves

caroline ziegler: bow

caroline ziegler: bow (left): concept sketch (right): technical drawing and measurements

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