the ‘nello’ all images courtesy of the coming soon galerie © baptiste heller

paris-based designer caroline ziegler, has produced a limited edition mirror entiteld ‘nello’ for the coming soon galarie in paris. two polished stainless steel disks sandwhich lacquered wood and are suspended by rubber rope in the gap between the disks, running from a metal tubing frame. the ability to hang the mirror from any ceiling one wishes creates a sculpture quality that interacts with the room for possible daydreaming or as a functional mirror. ranging in three sizes, the ‘nello’ has a diameter of 30cm, 55cm, or 80 cm. eight pieces were produced, numbered, and signed.

ziegler teaches design in ESAD of reims and is also a member of the art collectif dito.

caroline ziegler: nello

caroline ziegler: nello 

caroline ziegler: nello detail of construction

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