marketing gurus and mattress start-up casper, have introduced a completely new element to a new yorkers’ non-stop lifestyle: the opportunity to actually get that extra bit of sleep needed every morning.
casper dreamery
enter the dreamery through a star-lit tunnel



caspers’ dreamery is designed by new york based architecture firm HWKN, and is situated in the heart of new york’s most hectic neighborhood; soho. the dreamery offers a tranquil escape through a 45-minute nap session in a private suite outfitted with their trademark mattress, pillows and sheets (that are changed every session).
casper dreamery
naps cost $25 and can pay on site



amenities at the dreamery are extensive; ranging from peaceful ‘sleepcasts‘ by headspace, constellation-print pajamas to be used at request, a lounge and free coffee if one is still sleepy. casper dreamery
the lounge offers free coffee but also a place to regroup before entering back out into soho



a nap session at the dreamery can be booked through a number of different mediums, such ClassPass or MINDBODY, a similar process to how one would book a work out class. neil parik, co-founder and COO at casper states, ‘the dreamery is about making sleep and rest a part of our regular wellness routines.
casper dreamery
the dreamery is design by HWKN, providing a total of 9 beds



at first, the idea of a ‘nap-cafe’ may seem unnecessary, but an abstract of a paper published in 2010 on the us national library of medicine, pub med, indicates that naps or ‘brief sleeps,‘ can actually ‘improve cognitive performance.’ although the paper states that their findings need to be ‘accepted cautiously until more comprehensive research‘ is conducted with variables better controlled and changed, the dreamery is another potential solution to satisfy humanity’s constant search for a better sleepcasper dreamery
each bed is outfitted with a casper mattress, pillow and sheetscasper dreamery
they offer a range of amenities all designed to relax the clientcasper dreamery
there is also lockers to store your personals and a spa-like bathroom to ready yourself for the day post nap