cassina stand at imm cologne cites modern architecture of le corbusier




2015 is a landmark year for cassina, in which the italian company commemorates 50 years since le corbusier’s death, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of one of the most significant groupings of contemporary design: the ‘LC collection’ — beginning with the 1964 signing of four models by le corbusier, pierre jeanneret and charlotte perriand. since then, cassina has further developed these initial versions through a series of technical innovations, bringing them from small artisanal production, to a more industrial manufacturing process.

cassina imm cologne LC collection designboom
large concrete walls enclose and divide the cassina stand at imm cologne




on the occasion of imm cologne 2015, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ‘LC collection’, cassina presented the research and breakthroughs of its product line within a monolithic stand that cited the architectural details of six le corbusier’s designs, including: ‘chapelle notre dame du haut’ in ronchamp, and the ‘unité d’habitation’ in marseille, both in france; and ‘villa shodhan’ in ahmedabad, india. the installation opened up to a welcoming home environment, showcasing the familiar icons that make-up the ‘LC collection’.

cassina imm cologne le corbusier LC collection designboom
the overall design of the booth draws cites six different architectural projects by le corbusier




expressing the historical research conducted by cassina — in close collaboration with the le corbusier foundation, and the heirs of the co-authors — a presentation featuring a series of upgrades for the ‘LC collection’ were displayed, intended to bring forth the authentic spirit of the project which began half a century ago. this is noted for example in a reviewed palette of colors discovered during the analysis of models from the archives and museums presented for the ‘LC collection’ frames, updating the nuances originally identified by charlotte perriand in 1978.

cassina imm cologne le corbusier LC collection designboom
cut-outs in the wall reference the architecture of le corbusier’s ‘chapelle notre dame du haut’ in ronchamp, france




alongside the presentation of the renewed ‘LC collection’ was the introduction of definitive re-editions of the ‘sarpi office’ table system by carlo scarpa, and ‘boynton hall table’ and ‘barrel chair’ by frank lloyd wright; as well as cassina’s product developments with contemporary design figures such as jaime hayon and mario bellini.

cassina imm cologne le corbusier LC collection designboom
within the modern environment, cassina showcases pieces from its notable ‘LC collection’




cassina is known for its preservation of historic and cultural heritage. the pioneering italian furniture brand proves that it is one step ahead at maintaining an authenticity throughout the creation and development of its furniture objects; staying true to its products even years after their first introduction to the market, allowing them to flourish within the contemporary context of design.

cassina imm cologne le corbusier LC collection designboom
general installation view which also includes contemporary pieces such as the ‘vico’ sofa by jaime hayon


cassina imm cologne le corbusier LC collection designboom
geometric cut concrete walls add a modern dimension and approach to the space