catolet: the automatic flushable toilet for cats and small dogs

catolet: the automatic flushable toilet for cats and small dogs

fed up with cleaning up after your cat or constantly replacing their litter tray? well, with this unique automatic litter box, ‘catolet’ spares you the trouble and lets your pets go to the loo in luxury. made for cats and small dogs, the acrylic sanitary-ware conveniently and easily connects directly to the water supply and sewage. their waste disposal is swept away on an auto-washing conveyor system that uses sensors to detect when your pet has done the deed.

catolet: the automatic flushable toilet for cats and small dogs
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the ‘catolet’ is said to be perfect for every pet-loving household. without requiring any manual refilling or cleaning, the toilet is even more convenient as it can be connected to power sources, as well as capable of using its internal battery, which has a charge sufficient for three months of use. it comes equipped with a built-in pet training system to help your domestic animals adapt and become acquainted with their new toilet. furthermore, the ‘catolet’ comes with an additional tray top, which shelters those shy creatures with privacy.

catolet: the automatic flushable toilet for cats and small dogs



as a cat and small dog’s call for a 21st century toilet, ‘catolet’ enhances the latest smart technology in order to function comfortably and safety. by connecting to the owner’s smartphone, they can set the timing of the auto-washing function and can even be alerted with an alarm in case of any emergencies. if cleaning up after your pet is a source of frustration, then help support the project on their crowd-sourcing campaign on kickstarter.

catolet: the automatic flushable toilet for cats and small dogs


catolet: the automatic flushable toilet for cats and small dogs

  • Interesting idea. I might try it out but for now I’m happy with my Cat-illac Cat Toilet. It offers much of 5he same benefits without the higher price and complexity.

  • The cat used in the illustration cannot turn around.
    Cats are not like people who sit/squat and go…they want to check out the environment, turn around a time or two, and then go. And after going, they want to cover up the area, often scratching from several locations.
    I have a Manx cat and even the largest kitty litter box was too small so I got a low-sided underbed vinyl storage box and it works fine. I had adopted a rescue cat so I had no idea what she had used before, but because I love cats and recognize that each is a separate creature and what MIGHT work for one or two will not work well for
    the remaining numbers.
    Other criticisms: The idea of adding additional plumbing for this unit is insane. Not everyone who owns a cat also owns their own domicile and adding plumbing work to a rental unit would make the tenant subject to eviction.
    Many of the litters on the market are clumping which cannot be disposed of in drains. They clog them. So this system would require a special brand of litter or the newly adding plumbing would soon seize up with the swollen litter.
    I see some good ideas on this site and some of them are so stupid I can’t believe they’re from people who actually study design.
    My cat has access to an outside area and she derives great pleasure from being able to use an area put aside for her. I provide small piece wood garden mulch. Her nitrogen addition helps the mulch to break down and it is later added to another area of the garden with other compost. Part of her pleasure is being able to look around her environment as she ‘goes’. This unit would give many cats claustrophobia, even with the entrance door.
    I doubt many pet owners would consider buying the unit for many of the reasons I’ve listed.
    On a cat forum someone talked about the largest ‘box’ available, as her large cat was always dribbling over the edge. I was the first to reply with my solution and many other forum members seconded my suggestions saying they had found that was the best solution for them as well. High-sided or enclosed litter boxes received thumbs down from most commenters. Did the designers of this ‘solution’ do any research on cat forums before overthinking a solution which really is usable in the real world.

    Lynda Akin

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