three individuals can experience the cold of poland’s 1979 winter at once all images courtesy of dafna talmon

‘sensorama’ is a winter-making machine by polish design studio centrala. the interactive installation was presented in the heat of summer during the blue festival in jaffa, old harbour, israel. it provided a sensory trip for participants, carrying them away for a moment, to poland’s hardest winter of the 20th century in 1979. the machine reproduced all the sensations generated by a frosty winter, such as images, temperature, smell, sound and the level of air quality. by putting their heads inside ‘sensorama’ three persons, strangers to one another, simultaneously experienced a reality completely alien to them.

centrala: sensorama exterior view of ‘sensorama’

centrala: sensoramathe three holes in which participants can put their heads inside ‘sensorama’

centrala: sensorama getting ready…

centrala: sensorama …slowly entering…centrala: sensorama …almost there…

centrala: sensorama…inside ‘sensorama’.centrala: sensorama

centrala: sensoramainside ‘sensorama’ where the wintery landscape of 1979 poland is reproduced

centrala: sensoramaimages, temperature, smell, sound, level of air quality all help to create the feel of winter

centrala: sensorama

centrala: sensorama