ensuing the thorough analysis of cement material and mineral decorative cladding, ceramiche refin’s ‘craft’ collection presents a new and enhanced interpretation of a traditional industrial look. sourcing influence from the artisan craftsmanship of concrete, the tiling reflects its hand-made qualities but removes the aspects of deteriorating and wearing that often ruins the appeal of cement over time. the enriched material offers new possibilities for contemporary interior design projects, which are widely using cement as their choice of flooring.

living space contrasts with the monochrome ‘fog’ 120 x 120 cm slabs



ceramiche refin’s ‘craft’ collection highlights the skill and handiwork of the cement artisans. in collaboration with these craftsmen, the italian ceramics brand focused on the material’s application phase and the surface’s characteristics. with the aid of state-of-the-art technology, they were able to reinterpret these unique features for their range. as a result, ‘craft’ presents minimalist slabs that sit harmoniously within a contemporary design context.

contemporary office interior featuring ‘cloud’ 120 x 240cm tiles



the ‘craft’ collection can be characterized by its toned, shaded and graded appearance. by thin glazing the cement mixture and intentionally imprinting patterns, a soft chiaroscuro movement is created. this showcases the material’s strength and more importantly, up close reveals a myriad of facets and nuances, marks and ripples, whereas from afar, it appears as a solid, monochrome surface.

restaurant interior employing the ‘tan’ colored ‘craft’ tiles



focusing on the surface of ceramiche refin’s ‘craft’ collection, it not only shows impressed patterns, but also presents clouding and faded finishes. available in four colors; rice, cloud, fog and tan, the slabs are offered in a range of five sizes, which all individually emphasize the tile’s graphic patterns.

the tiles are available in; 120x240cm, 120x120cm, 60x120cm, 60x60cm, 30x60cm


the ‘rice’ version


the ‘cloud’ tile option


the ‘fog’ edition highlights the unique pattern on the ceramics