ceramiche refin rediscovers and redefines historic materials with the ‘epoque’ porcelain tile collection. divided into two separate lines; ‘bois’ and ‘beton’, the range was influenced by the vital and precious work of renovating old interiors around italy. these projects undertaken by skilled italian artisans, have uncovered entire floors of solid oak that still reflect the beautiful effects of use and age. as well, small, hand-made concrete tiles have also been recovered, and showcase dated yet extremely high craftsmanship through calibration and balanced shading.

the ‘bois’ wood effect tiles are available in 25 x 150cm and 22, 5 x 90cm formats
all images courtesy of ceramiche refin



the results of these renovation projects and the subsequent research into their material findings, have led to ceramiche refin creating the revival ‘epoque’ collection. aiming to ‘immortalize’ the antique materials forever in ceramics, the range features; ‘bois’, an aged wood tile that is available in beige, brown or grey; and ‘beton’, a cement tile with vintage motifs that comes in either almond, greige or shadow tones.

the ceramics are suitable for private and public spaces



by combining the two variants of the collection, refin also offers the ‘epoque inlay’ tile which frames the ‘beton’ cement with the ‘bois’ wood. this appealing mixture enhances any dynamic, trendy environment as it fuses two historic materials into one modern design. the ceramic is available in warm or cold shades, and much like the rest of the collection, it is ideal for both private and public spaces.

the ‘beton’ cement tiles are available in 30 x 30cm, 30 x 60cm and 60 x 60cm formats


the ‘beton’ cement is framed by the ‘bois’ wood for the ‘epoque’ tile


the ‘beton’ is available in three colors; almond (above), greige and shadow