delopod, a modern workspace for a new normal 


as the world keeps adjusting to a new normal set in motion by the covid-19 pandemic, traditional working models and office corners quickly became ‘passé’ — leaving room for new trends to take shape. enter the delopod: a modern, sturdy, private work den designed by chetan lahoti and vishwaraj nikumbh for homes and offices. 


delopods allow people to create their own safe space in a crowded world, sans the noise, risk, and chaos. whether you are a large organization, a medium or small enterprise, co-working space, a student or freelancer, or a WFHer, delopod is for you,‘ notes the designers.

delopod can accommodate a range of work essentials, including stationary, books, and plants



a demountable and customizable den with great accoustics


lahoti and nikumbh (see more here) shaped the delopod as a 120 x 150 cm self-standing, DIY office den with a built-in desk and good shelf area. wherever users decide to place their pod — in an office or a living room — they can easily demount it and move it to another location, where they can reassemble it in no time. 


additionally, delopod can accommodate a couple of laptops and other work essentials, including lighting and power units, an air circulation system, a printer, some stationery and books, and plants. users can also include bluetooth speakers for music breaks or a better call quality during online meetings. last but not least, delopod holds excellent acoustics to block external noise and distractions — bringing sanity, focus, and productivity back to work. 

exclusive work pods for homes and offices or anywhere else 2
delopod is a DIY workspace for ‘a new normal’

the den can be placed in a real office or in a user’s home

an accoustic pod to block out all external noise

exclusive work pods for homes and offices or anywhere else 6
modular configuration – first option

exclusive work pods for homes and offices or anywhere else 7
modular configuration – second option




project info:


name: delopod
design: chetan lahoti & vishwaraj nikumbh

dimensions: 120 x 150 cm 

features: noise-cancelling, self-standing, built-in desk and shelf area




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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom