taiwanese designer chia-wei chen created ‘the board’, a mini cruiser skateboard concept with a unique dynamic structure. the skateboard is made from 57 interlocking pivot hinges, transforming the classic cruiser shape into a perfect circle. by folding the hinges one direction or the other, the skateboard morphs into a circular shape, easy to fit in smaller places and even used for decoration.




chen is currently developing the prototype and experimenting with different colors and graphics. one of the designer’s biggest challenges was manufacturing its complex dynamic structure and is considering open-sourcing the design as a DIY kit for 3D printers. ‘the board’ won the golden pin concept design award 2019 design mar earlier in 2019, and is in the running for best design prize in december 2019.




‘the board’ has a strong visual appeal of its transforming process. the structure makes it a complete circle which can be put in a backpack easily. because of the circular appearance, it can be part of decorations at home or even place in the narrow space,‘ described the designer. 

chia-wei chen designs dynamic structure that morphs skateboard into a compact circle



product info:


product name: the board

designer: chia-wei chen

award: golden pin concept design award 2019



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edited by: cristina gomez | designboom