wu yulu and one of his many robots



after suffering a series of life changing set backs such as a burnt down home, spraying himself with battery acid, and experiencing great financial debt – all in the name of art, chinese farmer wu yulu is finally gaining some recognition for his inventions of homemade robots. in our previous designboom coverage of yulu in 2008, he had just began his journey of building an army of 26 robots. today, his collection has grown to 47 with far more advanced capabilities than his pioneer days. made from scrap materials such as wires and screws, his robots are able to pour tea, offer smokers a light and paint pictures. for wu, the intention behind his inventions is to make more useful robots to help humans. he has also created robots which help chop meat when cooking.

after dedicating 20 years to this craft, wu is now gaining media attention from both the chinese and foreign press, especially with his upcoming appearance at the shanghai world expo which will begin in may until october, 2010.



demonstration of wu yulu robots



‘supervu’ robot



chinese farmer home made robots at shanghai world expo wu yulu adjusts his home-made robot at his home in a village at the outskirts of beijing.