chris wolston's terracotta chairs blossom among gardens at hotel bel-air

chris wolston's terracotta chairs blossom among gardens at hotel bel-air

colombian craft arrives in los angeles


Discovered within the lush gardens of Hotel Bel-Air is a collection of sculptural ceramic works by internationally acclaimed artist Chris Wolston. The partnership between the Los Angeles hotel’s Dorchester Collection and The Future Perfect design gallery brings the artist’s organic vision to life in this site-specific outdoor exhibition. Wolston’s carefully handcrafted furniture pieces blur the lines between furniture, installation, and sculpture to hybridize tradition with contemporary surrealism.

chris wolston hotel bel-airGingersita Chair and Primavera Chair | images courtesy Hotel Bel-Air



chris wolston blends the old and new


Chris Wolston, born in the US but now based in Medellín, celebrates this exhibition as his fifth solo show at Hotel Bel-Air. The event shows his dedication to cultural exploration. Drawing inspiration from the city of Medellín, his new series of terracotta planter chairs, previously unseen in Los Angeles, is a celebration of Colombian craftsmanship and the significance of flowers in global culture. Wolston’s work results from a deep exploration of techniques rooted in Colombian culture. In this show, the artist nods to the practice of planting and cutting flowers as expressions of joy, remembrance, and romance, together with gestural masonry techniques employed by Colombian bricklayers.

chris wolston hotel bel-air
Maple Leaf Chair



explore the gardens of hotel bel-air


Within the exhibition visitors are invited to discover Chris Wolston’s artworks scattered throughout the gardens of Hotel Bel-Air. The show includes a new collection of terracotta chairs, along with two pieces from his renowned Nalgona series. These newly unveiled pieces are emblematic of his continued fascination with craft traditions, materiality, and symbolism. The exhibition opened its doors on October 25th, 2023, inviting both hotel guests and visiting art enthusiasts to take a self-guided walking tour through the Hotel Bel-Air’s gardens.

chris wolston hotel bel-air
Boyaca Chairchris wolston hotel bel-air
Zipolite Chair chris wolston's terracotta chairs blossom among gardens at hotel bel-air
Caribe Chair


Sunflower Chair

chris wolston's terracotta chairs blossom among gardens at hotel bel-air
Primavera Chair | image © David Sierra


Earthly Delight Vessel 01, Margarita Love Seat, and Earthly Delight Vessel 02

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