‘christian louboutin christmas trees’ all photos by susie rea




with the festive season nearing, the flurry of celebration is palpable and designboom is receiving work from all over world honoring the spirit of the holiday. responsible for decorating the holiday windows of christian louboutin boutique shops, london studio XAG turned to the french designer’s ‘pigalle’ shoe as their muse, creating bespoke christmas tree displays composed of the high heels – executed in white, of course finished with his signature glossy red sole. casts of the shoes have been placed in concentric levels to create recognizable tree forms, all supposed by a tonal metalwork structure which draws on the shoe roacks found in the designer’s atelier in paris. to add a dynamic edge, each tree is enclosed by a triple mirror screen and rotates, amplifying the scene and drawing focus to the hero product which sits in pride at its top.

christian louboutin christmas tree



christian louboutin christmas windows by studio XAGthe casts of the pigalle shoe are placed in concentric levels to form the trees




christian louboutin christmas treethe shoes are painted white and finished with louboutin’s signature red sole




christian louboutin christmas windows by studio XAG



christian louboutin christmas windows by studio XAG



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