‘piknik’ by christian wilke & ida mared all images courtesy of christian wilke & ida mared

swedish architects christian wilke & ida mared have designed a collection of furniture entitled ‘OFC SPS’, spelling out office surprise. consisting of familiar items, the re-imagined pieces are intended for temporary configurations, spontaneous meetings or freelance companies, where the furnishings have to be transportable. the objects can also be added to a more standard workplace setting. 

already a traditional gathering space, the picnic table can be used by itself or in clusters. two boards were shifted, simultaneously becoming linkages to additional tables and handles for easy transportation. to make it even easier to move, large wheels have been added to the legs.  electricity for the lamp and computers have been hidden in a hatch to allow for a modern working environment. 

christian wilke + ida mared: flexible office furniture concept‘logo light’

a common emergency light is refitted with a new semi-transparent surface for ‘logo light’. a gray LEGO board allows text or icons to be customized and changed. the double-sided light can be hung on the wall or ceiling. 

christian wilke + ida mared: flexible office furniture concept‘cage’

a transport container is filled with padding, light and a laptop power source to create a small mobile space. combining multiple ‘cage’ units forms a micro meeting room. due to the height and absorbent quality of the cushioning, it can also be used as a space divider. 

christian wilke + ida mared: flexible office furniture concept’75-46-42′

whether used as a bar stool, a work seat or a lounge bench, podium or table, the case comes in three heights — 75, 46 and 42, giving the object its name. the corners are clad with speaker fillings, adding support to the customizable boards. 

christian wilke + ida mared: flexible office furniture conceptmodel of potential office plan 

the collection was exhibited at stockholm furniture and light fair 2012 and will be displayed at form & design center in malmö in march.