‘transensing’ by christina biliouri ‘in between bubbles’

christina biliouri, a recent graduate from the royal college of art in london, has sent us images of her project, ‘transensing’, a collection of glassware designed with the visually impaired in mind. the main aim of the project is to shift inclusive design from being merely a problem solving process to a more emotional approach which addresses disability on a social context. the designs, presented at this year’s london design week at designersblock, are intended to invite the user to immerse themselves in a new experience where touch and sound are celebrated. the handcrafted glasses utilize arduinos + processing, piezo electric transducers, accelerometers and wireless communication to help blind people interact in social situations.

‘in between bubbles’ can provide visually impaired people with the ability to keep in touch with their partner in a social setting. by placing the glass to your ear, you can listen to the other person’s drink.

christina biliouri: transensing (left) ‘where am I?’ (right) detail

‘where am I?’ is a set of objects designed to be used by others in order to help the visually impaired get a better grasp of where everyone is standing by simply fiddling with your drink. the glass works as a sound signifier.

christina biliouri: transensing ‘where am I?’

christina biliouri: transensing swizzle stick detail

‘the sound of memories’ captures the sounds of a night like a time capsule; by turning it upside down, you can listen and share the memories with friends.

christina biliouri: transensing ‘transensing’

christina biliouri: transensing on exhibit

christina biliouri: transensing process shots of ‘in between bubbbles’

christina biliouri: transensing process shots of ‘the sound of memories’