christmas tree driedel, height 6 cm




christmas tree driedel‘, by israeli-born, new york -based designer or leviteh, is an ornamental toy dreidel that celebrates christmas when upright and hanukkah when spinning upside down. the toy captures the spirit of both holidays, celebrated around the same time each year.


like traditional jewish dreidels, each side of the top features a single letter of the hebrew alphabet:  (‘nun’), ג (‘gimel’), ה (‘hey’), ש (‘shin’), which together form an acronym for “נס גדול היה שם” (‘nes gadol hayah sham’, or ‘a great miracle happened there’). in ‘christmas tree driedel’, these letters are delineated by the ornamental lights of the tree. leviteh is currently seeking a company to manufacture the dreidel for the 2012 holiday season.

christmas tree driedel silver mini version, 2.5 cm



christmas tree driedel the dreidel being spun


christmas tree driedel the process: making the first prototype and molds



christmas tree driedel the process: 3D model and rapid prototype



christmas tree driedel package and greeting card suggestion



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