christopher-jenner rush chair
christopher jenner revives ancient weaving craft with rush chair at gallery FUMI
all photos by michael franke




london-based designer christopher jenner has designed the ‘rush’ chair as part of the studio’s ongoing study of traditional english craft and its relationship to technology. presented at gallery FUMI porto cervo in sardinia from now until september 30, 2016, the limited edition piece has been made over the course of a 12-month collaboration with felicity irons, one of the last remaining european rush weavers. casting this ancient craft in a new light, jenner hand traced the infinite looping of rush around strakes, eventually arriving at a silhouette reminiscent of a reclining figure.

christopher-jenner rush chair
the ‘rush chair’ continues the studio’s exploration of traditional english craft and its relationship to technology




a composition of 28 sculptural components have been milled from english oak using 5 axis CNC. each individually curved piece is connected at off-set intervals, highlighted by the union of different wood grains. the seat has been woven by felicity in bedfordshire over 7 weeks using scirpus lacustris — a native english rush harvested on the river ouse. finally, a marriage of materials is achieved through a series of mechanical oak dowels along a split section of the top of the frame. the rush is edged parallel to the fault line in a two core plait.

christopher-jenner rush chair
the piece is presented at gallery FUMI porto cervo in sardinia

christopher-jenner rush chair
the limited edition has been made over the course of a 12-month collaboration with felicity irons

christopher-jenner rush chair
the silhouette is reminiscent of a reclining figure

christopher-jenner rush chair
‘rush chair’ casts an ancient craft in a new light