it is estimated that 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer at some point in her life. under this premise, and taking into consideration october is breast cancer awareness month, peruvian creative agency, circus grey, has created a campaign dubbed boob talk that aims to raise awareness on the importance of getting a check-up.



for its boob talk campaign, circus grey peru has created four fun spots where the boobs of actresses patricia portocarrero, leslie stewart, ebelin ortiz and anai padilla try to convince each other to carry out a preventive check-up, despite all the excuses and fears they present. in the videos, the breasts — whose nipples have been replaced with the actresses’ faces — call one another and talk about having a check-up.






while one breast seems doubtful about the check-up, making up excuses like ‘no one in my family has cancer’, in the end, the breast that proposes mammography – the preventive breast cancer test – convinces the other by reminding them of the importance of these tests to detect the disease early. all this despite the fact that most women are afraid to have it done for possible negative results.

Las tetas de Patricia from Yasu Arakaki on Vimeo.



project info:


client: liga contra el cáncer
president: adolfo dammert ludowieg
general manager: damary milla
medical director: raúl velarde
communications director: gianina orellana

agency: circus grey
CEO: zinka mendoza
president & cco: josé luis rivera y piérola
CCO: charlie tolmos
cd: yasu arakaki / rodrigo melgar
copywriter: luis alburqueque
art director: oscar gonzales
creative team: alessandra castañeda, ada rucabado, lucía chirinos, piero roncal.
innovation & planning director: nicolás rodríguez
new business director: valeria malone
production director: renzo talavera
executive producers: katty santillana, pierina ivazeta 

production company: señor z
directors: bacha y chinón
DOP: miguel valencia
director’s assistant: alejandra z
second assistant: tomás z
art director: sabrina z
general production: lorena z / gabriela z
executive producer: alexandra z
line producer: mariana z
field producer: carmen z
production assistant: alexandra contreras
technical producer: rosanna meneses
make up: samia franco
scenography: víctor cáceres
editor: ignacio z
online coordinator: horacio z
post-production: wawin z
post-production team: miguel méndez / kevin mamani

audio company: agosto
sound and music designer: claudia incio