claesson koivisto rune designs cover seating and table collection for teknion studio
all images courtesy of claesson koivisto rune






from their work as architects, claesson koivisto rune know that furniture is an important part of any workspace or home. the ‘cover’ seating and table collection for teknion studio has been designed to harmonize with a wide range of rooms, offices, breakout spaces, lounges or even home environments. in order to achieve this, they have developed a design that hybridizes two typologies of seating – the club armchair and the swivel armchair. when approaching the armchair and the sofa from the rear, they appear as closed, solid volumes, hovering just above the floor. however, viewed from the front, the seats have a more open character and the closed volume is revealed to be a soft shell, open towards the front. this shell, formed by the smooth transition between the armrests and backrest, wraps around the seat cushion in a manner reminiscent of a cape or ankle-length overcoat.

claesson koivisto rune_cover collection_designboom_002the collection includes a coffee table and couch 




at the front of the chair, in the open space beneath the seat cushion, two choices of beautifully sculpted and precisely manufactured base options are available: a four-star pedestal or slim legs, both in die-cast aluminum. however, these are not simply ‘of the shelf’ parts. claesson koivisto rune have spent a great deal of time designing the pedestal and the legs exclusively for their cover collection. this particular type of design work presents a rare opportunity for a designer due to the substantial investment needed for tooling and we have strived to get the detailing of these castings just right. 

claesson koivisto rune_cover collection_designboom_004the weave material adds texture to the style




although the cover easy chair and sofa feature generous seats, they also have surprisingly economical outer dimensions, affording cover a high ‘furnishability’ factor. without compromising on seating comfort, the curved surfaces are kept in check by continuous, sweeping lines, giving the cover furniture collection a clearly defined appearance not unlike a well tailored coat or blazer. the hybridized seat was unveiled at the 2015 NEOCON in chicago illinois.  

claesson koivisto rune_cover collection_designboom_005the polished stainless legs 


claesson koivisto rune_cover collection_designboom_006side tables matches to the minimal style of the collection


claesson koivisto rune_cover collection_designboom_009the white coffee table conceal 


claesson koivisto rune_cover collection_designboom_010the presentation at NECON 2015