clara rivière & tobias nickerl combine old and young in rocking swing
all images courtesy of véronique huyghe




‘rocking swing’ is the ultimate tool for intergenerational fun. the piece, by clara rivière and tobias nickerl, is a playful combination of the child’s swing and the grandparent’s rocking chair. built for in-or-outdoor use, ‘rocking swing’ can be used to rock, to swing, or to do both at the same time! the language of both objects’ is brought together in subtle ways for a minimal result only containing the bare essentials. clear lines and necessary elements invite the user to understand the functions and allow the furniture to be made without the use of screws or other bits. 

clara rivière tobias nickerl rocking swing designboom
detail of transitions 

you can rock, swing, or both 

clara rivière tobias nickerl rocking swing designboom
rope, structure connection 

profile of ‘rocking swing’ 

clara rivière tobias nickerl rocking swing designboom
the seat is fixed by a rope with a knot modeled after a conventional swing



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