clive wilkinson proposes endless workplac which meanders through london
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flaunt magazine approached california-based clive wilkinson architects about doing a special concept for their ‘califuk’ issue. since the theme was an imaginary collision of the UK with california, the studio proposed an endless horizontal workspace to travel over the top of the city of london. the motivation of this project was to solve the two hours almost every londoner wastes per day on commuting to offices in all sorts of odd corners of the metropolis.


since technology has liberated people and business, and enabled genuine mobility, this proposition is not inconceivable, and solves time-related problems inherent in a massively densified city. this new workplace is a single layer of open office space that sits over all the buildings of the city. thanks to its shear horizontal extremity, it absorbs all the city workplace space requirements: access to light and views is achieved with deferential circular courtyards that look down at the sights of london and open to the sun above. with a pervasive mobile working paradigm, you are no longer stealing someone’s desk, but parking wherever feels good.

clive wilkinson architects endless workplace
aerial viewpoint of london and the endless workplace design




the ‘endless horizontal workspace’ would be a kind of co-working space perfect for both start-ups and established business, with a suite of varied work settings. hence working anywhere means working just above your kettle and teabag collection, and a short hop from the couch into the future.

clive wilkinson architects endless workplace
connection to light and views is achieved through holes with the added benefit of framing london views  



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