closca design second generation foldable helmet for city cyclists
images courtesy of closca design




as the second generation of foldable helmets by valencia-based closca design, the ‘closca fuga’ was created in collaboration with culdesac. following on from the original ‘closca‘, the product is not only functional but is also stylish and attractive. its urban lifestyle look, rather than a sporty appearance, is enhanced further with exquisite choices of materials and finishes.

its elastic band can be adjusted to different sizes




the ‘closca fuga’ which has been awarded the red dot design award, consists of three moveable rings that enables it to be folded in motion. leaving it flat and less than half of its initial volume, means it can fit into a briefcase, handbag and rucksack. its shape has been guided by the opinions, preferences and daily desires of city cyclists and meets the safety standards in the US, european and asian markets. the ‘closca fuga’ resolves two main drawbacks of conventional helmets, their bulk and their appearance.

the product is stylish yet functional




with its three moveable rings, the helmet can fold to less than half of its initial size