coast cycles unveils quinn cargo bike at SingaPlural 2015
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for the occasion of SingaPlural 2015 – the anchor event of singapore’s annual design week – local lifestyle brand coast cycles has unveiled a new bike built for both utility and adventure. the ‘quinn cargo bicycle’, which debuts at the six day event, features a space built into the bike’s frame, allowing commuters to place their bags within an ergonomically designed cage. consequently, riders are able to brave the region’s hot and humid weather without worrying about unsightly sweaty blotches appearing on their clothes.


many of us commute with a bicycle for around 10 kilometers, and we often carry a messenger bag or laptop bag by slinging it over our shoulders,’ explains jansen tan, founder and CEO of coast cycles. ‘however, with our year-round tropical climate and humid weather, commuting this way is quite uncomfortable. after pedaling for a few minutes, sweat results in wet spots and marks where the bag touches our clothes. and then there’s that awful, sticky feeling’.



jansen tan of coast cycles unveils the quinn cargo bicycle at SingaPlural 2015
video courtesy of ryan davis / yaer productions




jansen crafted the bicycle using the more compact short wheel-base profile, allowing users to benefit from its space saving form. the frame can be reconfigured to be compatible with a typical messenger bag, a briefcase, laptop bag, handbag, or any particular package that can conform to the versatile and accommodating profile.


of course, you can use a front carrier or rear rack to stow your bag and belongings, but the added weight at either ends of the bike can make steering and balancing trickier, especially for casual or inexperienced riders, continues jansen tan. ‘after much thought and careful consideration, I designed the cargo cage to be as sleek as possible but still maximizing carrying capacity. I placed it in the most ergonomic way; right in the middle of the frame by integrating the top tube and down tube. this design cradles your bag comfortably and securely, with a low center of gravity that improves riding comfort, stability and safety’.

coast cycles quinn cargo bicycle singaplural 2015 designboom
the frame is compatible with a range of bags or packages




the two-wheeler has a wide three inch tire that acts as a natural suspension, meaning that the user can run a low tire pressure in the city, and select a higher pressure to be more efficient when commuting longer distances. the ‘quinn cargo’ is available is either matte black or gloss white, and retails at $980 SGD, ($706 USD), for the 3-speed model and from $1,600 SGD, ($1,153 USD), for the 11-speed.

coast cycles quinn cargo bicycle singaplural 2015 designboom
the frame contains a space for your messenger or laptop bag

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coast cycles quinn cargo bicycle singaplural 2015 designboom
jansen tan, founder and CEO of coast cycles



coast cycles quinn cargo bicycle singaplural 2015 designboom


SingaPlural returns for a 4th edition from march 10 – 15, 2015 at 99 beach road to showcase the best design elements from the multi-faceted creative spectrum — advertising, architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, as well as interior, furniture, graphic and fashion design. organized by the singapore furniture industries council (SFIC) since 2012, the name ‘SingaPlural’ is derived from a combination of the terms ‘singular’ and ‘plural’; and was conceived from the need to create a common platform to bridge designers with the industry. SingaPlural 2015 is the anchor event of the singapore design week and is held in conjunction with international furniture fair singapore 2015/32nd ASEAN furniture show, the décor show 2015 and hospitality 360º. SingaPlural celebrates design, in all its forms, functions, stories and inspirations.