coca-cola has introduced the world’s first bottle created using recycled plastic waste from the ocean. the company has launched an initial edition of 300 bottles made of 25% plastic from the marine waste collected by volunteers during 84 beach cleanups in spain and portugal.


the recycling technology is the result of a partnership between coca-cola, the dutch startup ioniqa technologies and indorama ventures, one of coca-cola’s suppliers of PET plastic. to process the material, ioniqa technologies used a depolymerization technology to break down the PET into its monomers that allow it to be re-produced as a new. it was then sent to an indorama ventures facility to be polymerized into new plastic.

coca-cola introduces first bottles made using ocean plastic

image courtesy of ioniqa



‘in the immediate term, enhanced recycling will be introduced at commercial scale using waste streams from existing recyclers, including previously unrecyclable plastics and lower-quality recyclables,’ according to coca-cola’s announcement. ‘from 2020, coca-cola plans to roll out this enhanced recycled content in some of its bottles.’

coca-cola introduces first bottles made using ocean plastic

image via the telegraph



‘the impact of enhanced recycling will be felt on a global scale,’ says tonnis hooghoudt, ceo of ioniqa technologies. ‘by working with coca-cola and indorama to produce this bottle, we aim to show what this technology can deliver. our new plant is now operational and we are bringing this technology to scale. in doing so, we aim to eliminate the concept of single-use plastic and plastic waste altogether.’


video by the coca-cola co.



coca-cola’s aim is to see the term ‘single-use plastic’ become redundant, both in their business and beyond according to the telegraph. if the idea is implemented for mass production, coca-cola will be the first company in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) segment to start selling drinks and food in plastic waste packaging.


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