love coca-cola? like to take selfies? tel aviv-based creative agency gefen team has come up with a series of limited-edition bottles that can snap a picture of you while you sip your soft drink. the coca-cola selfie bottle works through the addition of a red plastic ‘cap’ at the bottom of the bottle, which has an almost invisible, integrated, front-facing camera. when held at a certain angle, the camera autonomously takes a picture of the image it sees, resulting in a self-portrait mid-sip. 

images courtesy of gefen team / coca-cola israel



gefen team‘s vision for the coca-cola selfie bottle brings the brand closer to a generation of younger buyers, who would undoubtedly enjoy selfie-taking while they sip. users were able to seamlessly upload the pictures to their phone or computer for easy social media sharing across their own, and the company’s platforms. the product was recently created for coca-cola israel’s summer love outdoor brand event.