colombo design: bold by pio & tito toso lab in valencia
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the concept of a handle extends far beyond its purpose of solely opening and closing doors. this fixture is a symbol of moving past a boundary line — the door-as-obstacle motif is representative of a limit between two worlds, the handle being the necessary tool to traverse into a new plane of being. the colombo design door handles embody two points of significance: one visionary and the other tactile. when the latter interpretation takes precedent over the first, it exists as its own being, which is the hidden ‘esprit’ of all things. the designboom still-life series celebrates both the dynamic quality of the door handle in the foreground in combination with the beauty observed just beyond the piece in what is ultimately a surrealistic visualization of a traveling artifact. the atmosphere is captured so authentically that one can practically touch it.


the ‘bold’ door handle reflects the colors and decorative patterns of the spanish city
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we’ve captured the essence of the door handle ‘bold’ by pio & tito toso lab for colombo on our recent trip to valencia. by removing the handle from its traditional setting indoors and placing it in front of both architectural and historical landmarks — like the city of arts and sciences complex by spanish architect santiago calatrava and the assut de l’or bridge — it creates the possibility of a new relationship to the static object.

can you ‘handle’ the view?
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protecting the world from the fast depletion of resources has become more and more important in a global economy. one point is particularly emphasized in these efforts: the attention paid to manufacturing and production. colombo design production processes are the result of paying close attention to protection of the natural world. through the accurate management of these steps for manufacturing, the company has obtained the elite UNI EN ISO 14001 status ‘certified environmental management system’, ensuring clients that colombo design products are completed with environmental wellness in mind.

as the sun sets above valencia, ‘bold’ takes a tour of the city of arts and sciences complex by santiago calatrava
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the company uses a finishing process borrowed from the tools industry, in which physical and mechanic features guarantee a very high performance, as far as physical wear and decay due to environmental and chemical agents, bright sunshine, and drastic/rapid changes in temperatures. the strength of the finish and low rate of surface friction ensures an enduring resistance to scratches from jewelry or keys. the durability of the handle’s finish is especially important in marine areas with high-salinity or regions subject to acid rains.

visiting the museum of sciences
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making a ‘bold’ statement beside de l’or bridge
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reflecting the local flora
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tempted to take dip…
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…oops, almost too close!
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‘bold’ wonders how he’ll ever fit into that tiny house
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no doorway is too big for ‘bold’
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time for a bit of shopping at mercado de colón
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‘bold’ gets a taste of some local spanish produce
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plaza de toros
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‘bold’ has been developed by pio & tito toso lab for colombo
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material: brass / finish: chrome and matte chrome
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about pio & tito toso


the brothers were born in venice, italy. in 1996, they began working in the field of building projects, and started national and international participation in various competitions. they have worked with the most important design companies (artemide, foscarini, vistosi, leucos, rezek, studio italia design, for lighting and alessi, e-my, colombo design, metalco, rossi di albizzate, frighetto, fly line, doimo, segis for furniture) and have been contributors to the design of stands, exhibitions, shops, offices and warehouses for numerous clients.