adding to the creative ideas and solutions that respond to the post-pandemic reality, the jajaxd collective has introduced the ‘beachbelt’ kit, which helps people keep the necessary social distance on the beach. since the beach becomes a very popular destination for areas with hot summer weather, the studio wanted to ease the general uncertainty, allowing people to enjoy the sand and sea, and coexist without anxiety. 

unconfined beach 2

all images courtesy of jajaxd



the beachbealt kit by jajaxd includes a set of support elements and a colorful tape that can pass over them, allowing people to delimit a living space on the sand. this product essentially provides a temporary strategy for the free occupation of the beaches during the maximum occupation period. in addition to the kit, it is suggested that a family member or other individual from each group will be alert, making sure that the safety distance between all other venues are indeed maintained.

unconfined beach 5



the ‘new normality’ may soon return to normal as always, but, just in case, the kit proposal can equip people so that living together, in this time of the coronavirus, does not mean giving up going to the, this year next to the bucket and shovel of ‘frozen II’, the floral print hammock, the portable ashtray, the screw drives umbrellas … we propose to leave a gap to include the beachbelt kit‘ jajaxd says. 

unconfined beach 1

unconfined beach 3


unconfined beach 4




project info:

name: the beachbelt kit – unconfined beach
designer: jajaxd




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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom