‘cóm-oda’ by mr.simon design studio  all images © of mr.simon

valencia-based design studio mr. simon has developed ‘cóm-oda’ and ‘deparquet’, both shown at valencia design week 2011.
although folding chairs are usually tucked away in the corners of a room, the ‘cóm-oda’ design allows them to stand alone,
creating a second furniture unit – a wooden console – offering
a new function to the seating objects when they are not in use. 

com oda wood tattoo on folding chairs bench folding out to create individual chairs 

com oda wood tattoo on folding chairs left: chairs folded and lined together to form a console right: detail

com oda wood tattoo on folding chairs‘deparquet’ coat hook

‘deparquet’ is an extension of parquet floors, continuing vertically up one’s wall to form coat hooks. the proposal takes a staple of many houses and transforms its purpose from floor to furniture piece. a slight bend in its conventional shape changes its potential use while the visual interest comes from altering the usual surface where the material is installed.

  com oda wood tattoo on folding chairsview from below