peter brewin and will crawford with a 14 1/8 th scale model of the CCO1 shelter.

peter brewin and will crawfordCCO1 is an multi award winning project that will revolutionise the work of aid agencies and troops that help save lives in emergency situations. with over 35 million refugees worldwide, concrete canvas – ‘the building in a bag’ – will provide quick accommodation, field offices and medical clinics that give much bette protection in extreme climatic conditions, better security against looting and enable otherwise impossible medical procedures. unlike current solutions (soft-skinned tents), which offer inadequate protection, or are expensive and difficult to transport, concrete canvas is a rapidly deployable hardened shelter that requires only water and air for construction. it can be deployed by a person without any training in under 40 minutes and is ready to use within 2 hours. plus, with a design life of over 10 years, (tents only survive for 2 years) concrete canvas is a solution that saves effort and costs over the lifetime of medium to long term operations.