sophie vaugarny sculpts concrete no-stop furniture for the saint etienne biennale
all images © designboom




manufactured from the primary construction materials that comprise the built world around us, ‘no stop furniture’ by designer sophie vaugarny is project meant for interior spaces, yet built from the same elements of the dwelling that shelters it. four wire frame seats are interconnected to the silhouette of a table, with concrete slabs serving as the surface of two chairs and corresponding tabletops. the work seeks to offer a critique of housing estate homes, developed in mass amounts area by area, forcing their occupants to conform to the houses’ normality with standard furniture in standard rooms. forming a continuous trellis, the pieces that comprise the installation are extruded to become part of the property itself, while the concrete makes it possible to reintroduce the functions necessary to use them.


‘no stop furniture’ is presented for the 2015 biennale internationale design saint-étienne as part of the exhibition artifact#H curated by noémie bonnet-saint-georges.

the radical furniture project is manufactured from primary construction materials

wire frame seats and surface form the silhouette of a dining table

concrete slabs are adapted as tabletop and seat ‘cushions’

a wire lamp hangs from the ceiling of the installation at the saint etienne biennale

‘no stop furniture’ is presented as part of the exhibition artifact#H curated by noémie bonnet-saint-georges

‘making of’ the ‘no stop furniture’ series
image courtesy of sophie vaugarny

concrete construction materials are reworked into the experimental furntiure
image courtesy of sophie vaugarny