conferences at experimentadesign amsterdam 2008 at: paradiso, weteringschans 6-8, 1017 SG amsterdam from: september 18th – 21st, 2008

the opening week of experimentadesign amsterdam 2008, part of the larger design event freedesigndom will be packed with conferences, open talks and tours which will revolve around this year’s theme of space and place and design for the urban landscape. the amsterdam conferences will present seasoned protagonists from the international fields of design, architecture and various other disciplines who will discuss their own practices in relation to the themes of this year’s biennale to broaden and deepen the perspectives of experimentadesign amsterdam 2008.

the keynote speakers this year are: cyril duval, anthony dunne, ron arad, ian anderson, graffiti research lab, mark jenkins, rem koolhaas and alvaro siza vieira.

conferences and open talks at experimentadesign amsterdam 2008 outdoor sculpture by ron arad

conferences and open talks at experimentadesign amsterdam 2008 ‘the last shirt you’ll ever wear’ by graffiti research lab

conferences and open talks at experimentadesign amsterdam 2008 from ‘street installations’ by mark jenkins

conferences and open talks at experimentadesign amsterdam 2008 pavilion of portugal at expo ’98 by alvara siza vieira

open talks at experiementadesign amsterdam 2008
cristofori, prinsengracht 581-583, 1016 HT amsterdam
bethaniënklooster, barndesteeg 6B, 1012 BV amsterdam
shell tower (auditorium), adhuisweg 3, 1031 CM, amsterdam

from: september 18th – 20th, 2008

in keeping with the tradition of fostering critical debate, open discussion and encouraging active participation, during the afternoons of the first week launch of experimentadesign amsterdam 2008, open talks will be held at three locations around the city. international designers and practitioners will be on hand to discuss issues which stem from the biennale’s core exhibitions. introducing the guests are talk hosts zoé ryan, alison clarke and farid tabarki who will be moderating and inviting the public to participate in the discussion. each of the sessions will stem from the themes of the exhibitions opening that day, and will act as a catalyst for further exploration of the theme space and place for the audience and event attendees.

the guests for the open talks are:

fritz haeg, kevin slavin, matali crasset and nils norman amelie labarthe, fiona parrott, özlem savas and pascal anson gunjan gupta, jan konings, rebar, till bay (windowzoo)more info: