‘(lite)read’ LED bookmark by jessica lee and anthony lau, shortlisted entry of designboom’s competition ‘bright LED’, 2008

cool bookmark designs browsing through some incendiary literature? burning bookmark! available at perpetual kid


cool bookmark designs bookmark and / or USB stick the classic thick black frame eyeglasses were designed by willie tsang www.imm-living.com

cool bookmark designs ‘abracadabra’ bookmark by korean designers jung-hyun lee, wonsik chae and rhea jeong

it contains an air-filled chamber, half of which is flattened by the weight of a book. squeezing the exposed side inflates the concealed side lift the page just enough for your finger to slip in. www.onesik.com via yanko

cool bookmark designs ‘help! bookmark’ by korean designers i3lab www.i3lab.com

cool bookmark designs ‘mark my time’ bookmark rubbery bookmarks that can be set to count up or down to a preset time, they’re designed to help track how long a youngster’s spent poring over the tomes. there’s also a version aimed at music students, which includes a metronome with 5 rhythms. available here. via boing boing

cool bookmark designs bookmark lamp by fulguro www.designboom.com

cool bookmark designs photojojo has teamed up with kodak for this fun tutorial: handmade magnetic photo bookmarks, via curbly

cool bookmark designs the ‘liquid bookmark’ by kyouei co ltd from japan is hand-made by the designer. each design is a one-off. available at the designboom shop