COORDINATION-berlin premieres minimal, marble & aluminum italic lamp
all images ©  fabian vaccaro, patricia haas




COORDINATION-berlin premiered the ‘italic light’ in the berlin design selection during milan design week 2015. the sculptural, versatile lamp transforms from an atmospheric marble object to a direction light with a simple user gesture. featuring a high-performance LED circular light-ring, a built-in transformer and textile cable the crafted piece is equally at home on a sideboard, shelf, or table. with its reduced, minimalistic approach, the design plays on classic and postmodern design iconography. 

COORDINATION-berlin italic light designboom
‘italic light’ with directional beam 

COORDINATION-berlin premieres minimal, marble & aluminum italic lamp
when not pointed out, the strong LEDs make the marble piece glow

COORDINATION-berlin italic light designboom

the smallness of the object allows it to go just about anywhere 

COORDINATION-berlin italic light designboom
glowing internal beam 



project info:


measurements: Ø 8,5 cm | h 31 cm
weight: 1,8 kg
material: marble, aluminum, LED light source
colors: blue | green
designed by: flip sellin, philipp brosche
manufacturer: COORDINATION-berlin
completion: 2015
photos: fabian vaccaro, patricia haas



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