‘thread family’ by flip sellin of coordination-berlin american walnut, stainless steel all photos by hans-joachim roscher/diephotodesigner

flip sellin from the berlin office of the design and architecture studio coordination has conceived a collection of furnishings aptly titled  ‘thread family’. the range of stools and tables adopt a strong aesthetic from the helix of a thread, as well as the functionality allowing  height adaptability.

coordination berlin: thread family thread small stool: Ø35 cm h 36 – 54 cm, thread high stool: Ø35 cm, h 45 – 72 cm, thread bistro table: Ø54 cm, h 45 – 72 cm

the feature of the piece is the upper stem which consists of a 40mm helical cut, carved from american walnut which is connected to the seat by a wedge-joint in a cross shape. the wood is lacquered with a hardwood oil to produce a smooth motion when adjusting the size. influenced by bicycle frames, the base is welded from precision stainless steel tubes and all additional parts like feet and inner components are hand-crafted from a non dyed technical polymer.

coordination berlin: thread family thread detail

coordination berlin: thread family stools and tables come in a variety of colors

coordination berlin: thread family

coordination berlin: thread family