‘rockwood’ by arik levy & copy

‘copying’ has an extremely negative connotation. the design world prides itself on originality and authenticity. but what would happen if a designer intentionally wanted to copy another design. the design duo kueng-caputo asked this question when they were thinking about the exclusivity of most design objects. ‘only a copy makes the original suitable for mass production. in the process, despite the apparent close similarity, essential elements are often lost. copies such as this offend the original, even if at heart they are a compliment to the original idea.’ using this as inspiration, the team created a series of copies based on recently released design objects.

http://www.kueng-caputo.ch'copy' by kueng caputo ‘nido’ by eva marguerre & copy

'copy' by kueng caputo ‘jack’ by will smith & copy

'copy' by kueng caputo ‘cartoon’ by gamplus fratesi

'copy' by kueng caputo copy of ‘cartoon’ by gamplus fratesi

'copy' by kueng caputo ‘staple’ by jean-philippe bonzon & copy

'copy' by kueng caputo ‘duct chair’ by stephan siepermann & copy

'copy' by kueng caputo ‘deeply superficial object’ by frédéric dedelley & copy