cozy environments with highlights of leather and contrasting colors are the key components of COR’s presentation at the 2017 imm cologne furniture fair. none more so than the ‘roc’ armchair – an adaptation of the highly distinctive original chair made in 2015. created by german designer uwe fischer, it is a modern interpretation of an armchair, featuring a generous shape that conveys a sense of security, but with a less ample size.

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the design resembles a protective shell that envelops the body; no more and no less,’ comments uwe sit in it very comfortably, sufficiently upright and pleasantly supported in the slightly sloping lordosis area.

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debuting at the imm cologne 2017 fair, the COR ‘roc’ is defined by its round back section that flows outwards to form gently curved armrests. furthermore, the upholstered body with its slightly convex seat cushion, rests on a small, rounded base that offers great ergonomic comfort. available in fabric and leather as well as on glides or a swivel plate, the furniture piece is relatively light, making it fit effortlessly into most interiors.

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