‘cat-library’ modular bookshelf, designed by corentin dombrecht

created by belgian designer corentin dombrecht, the ‘cat-library’ bookshelf is designed as much for catsas it is for human users, with a built-in sitting basket at its top and shelves arranged into a cat-sized staircase.

part of the 101% designed in brussels exhibition, the piece is currently on display at the stockholm furniture fair 2011.

corentin dombrecht: cat library ‘cat-library’ filled with books and records

formed from birch wood, the shelf is intentionally unpainted and is not oiled, as the designer observed that these finishes tend to make the staircase slippery for cat paws. the top shelf includes a built-in cat basket, either the ‘hi-top’ model for larger animals or ‘lo-top’ for smaller ones.

the modular design of ‘cat-library’ permits the assembly of a range of different bookcases through the reconfiguration of three basic shelf units.

demo video of the bookcase

corentin dombrecht: cat library the piece on display at the stockholm furniture fair 2011 image © designboom

corentin dombrecht: cat library three-quarter view

corentin dombrecht: cat library the bookshelf’s stepped shape provides interesting storage space, but is foremost designed to be easily climbable by cats

corentin dombrecht: cat library one of two different sized cat baskets is built into the top of the shelf

interested in the place cats have taken in web memes and popular culture, dombrecht began the project after coming across this video about a stray cat living in an american library