‘new spring’ — the hit installation that captivated milan design week earlier this year — will come to south florida for the 2017 edition of design miami/. presented by international fashion brand COS, and conceived by london-based studio swine, the sculpture emits mist-filled blossoms that burst and evaporate upon contact with skin, but live on temporarily when met with textured fabrics.


during its debut in milan, designboom co-hosted a live-streamed evening in conversation with japanese architect azusa murakami and british artist alexander groves of studio swine, speaking about the installation’s manifold influences, and the creative collaboration with COS. miami will be the first stop for ‘new spring’ following its celebrated premiere. 

cos studio swine miami
the hit installation that captivated milan design week will take its place in the vibrant context of miami 



‘when creating a work like this, one can only hope it lives on and reaches new audiences,’ studio swine says on recreating the installation in the vibrant context of design miami/. ‘we are looking forward to sharing it with the people of miami, and are energized by the inspiration the city and its remarkable style has given us in staging this next edition. we wanted to encapsulate a lifespan of emotions in an instant. to create a multi-sensory experience that was fleeting, but in its time evoked joy and vitality, if only to remain as a memory.’

cos studio swine miami
mist-filled blossoms burst and evaporate upon contact with skin



while the installation’s milan iteration drew upon the industrial qualities of the city, the miami edition — an official satellite of design miami/ — will be re-imagined in a greater scale. ‘new spring’ will also sited in a bright, light-filled environment and housed in a historic art deco building. the sculpture will be repurposed and added to, while the exhibition’s interior will take on an entirely different approach from its predecessor.


‘new spring, miami, to me symbolizes exactly what we aim to do with our artist collaborations at COS: create work that reaches as many people as possible and ignites long-lasting partnerships,’ karin gustafsson, creative director of COS describes. ‘alex and azusa are such wonderful talents, we are so pleased to take this project to miami beach.’

cos studio swine miami
COS and studio swine’s blossoming sculpture will respond to its miami setting



‘design miami/ is thrilled to partner with COS for our 2017 show,’ said rodman primack, chief creative officer of design miami/. ‘experiencing COS and studio swine’s new spring installation at milan design week was especially meaningful for design miami/ as studio swine were selected by us as 2015 designers of the future. collaborating with a thoughtful brand like cos who continues to support new and emerging talent in innovative ways is extremely satisfying and we all look forward to bringing this energy and vision to the fair with studio swine’s multi-sensory, interactive offering for all design enthusiasts to enjoy in miami.’

cos studio swine
‘new spring’ debuted in italy during milan design week 2017

cos studio swine miami
the bubbles slowly and gracefully fell to the ground — a hypnotizing and spellbinding sight

cos studio swine miami
japanese architect azusa murakami and british artist alexander groves of studio swine at ‘new spring’



COS and studio swine to bring blossoming 'new spring' to design miami/ 2017

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