‘moki’ by cosima geyer

the legs of the ‘moki’ stool are made of oak wood and are connected to each other via triangular iron thread construction within. designed by cosima geyer, the starting point of the process was the examination of rotational molding and the desire to create a product for this particular manufacturing process. the seating surface is made of fibre-reinforced epoxy. ‘moki’ is on show at  DMY berlin from june 1-5, 2011.

cosima geyer: moki stool ‘moki’ is easily assembled with one flick of the wrist

cosima geyer: moki stool the stool’s components unassembled cosima geyer: moki stool

the bottom of ‘moki’ includes holes for the stool legs to slide and interlock into place

cosima geyer: moki stool ‘moki’

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