COTTO exhibition at milan design week 2014




COTTO presents ‘the moment of truth’ (il momento della verità) at milan design week 2014 – an exhibition that captures the meditative concepts of peace and tranquility that the thai company expresses in its products as global leaders of surface coverings and sanitary ware solutions.


the installation, offers a look at COTTO’s latest collection of the same name, offering a state of being whereby ‘a person is rid of all the stresses in life, the soul is free of clutter, and the mind is fully able to grasp the truth.’ COTTO explains its design intentions for ‘il momento della verità’: ‘tranquility is a universal concept sought after by people from all walks of life. meditation is the road that leads to inner peace and serenity. by cleansing the mind, body and soul of earthly troubles, one can then see the truth of life.’

COTTO milan design week 2014 designboom
rendering of ‘il momento della verità’




from april 8th to 13th visitors can experience the world of COTTO at superstudio più  (via tortona, 27) in milan’s zona tortona area, taking in the clean, calm and soothing atmosphere the brand creates, presenting marble designs that communicate a distinct thai perspective. the 2014 exhibition has been envisioned as a meditation parlor, inviting individuals into the space to relax and contemplate amidst the hustle and bustle of milan design week. on this occasion, COTTO has collaborated with other company’s from thailand including HARNN, who have created a signature scent and souvenir, and PASAYA for their textiles made fro lifestyle and personal adornment, to create a truly serene atmosphere.

COTTO milan design week 2014 designboom
the installation has been conceived as a meditation parlor


COTTO milan design week 2014 designboom
the installation offers visitors to rest and relax