in recent years, the rates of natural disasters and damages caused by them have been incredibly high. among them, flooding is considered to be one of the most frequent phenomenon affecting megacities and towns worldwide. therefore, south-korean design studio craft combine has developed a floating furniture series that can cope and help during flood damages.

craft combine floating furniture: table 280ℓ – 1120 x 410 x 550 (mm)
all images © park yoon 



since most furniture does not float well on open water, craft combine has designed a chair, table, and stool that can be used during disaster-related emergencies by recycling easily discarded plastic containers. the studio has created various taping methods to connect the plastic containers without piercing or damaging them. in addition, the texture is intentionally kept rough and corrugated to avoid slippery surfaces when the furniture is in contact with water — therefore individuals can easily grab on to them during floods. finally, for better functionality, knotted ropes and carabiners are attached to the furniture for use during flood-related emergencies and a retroreflective sheet was attached on the underside to make it visible. 

chair 80ℓ – 550 x 410 x 650 (mm) 

close up on the texture of the ‘table 280ℓ’

‘stool 60ℓ’ floating on water

craft combine floating furniture series designboom
complete craft combine floating furniture series (table 280ℓ, chair 80ℓ, stool 60ℓ)

craft combine floating furniture series designboom
study of various tapes to be applied on the furniture 

 craft combine floating furniture series designboom
the bottom of the ‘stool 60ℓ’  makes it clearly visible during flood-related emergencies 



project info:


material : plastic oil bottle, tape, rope, air, retroreflective sheet
table 280ℓ: 1120 x 410 x 550 (mm)
chair 80ℓ: 550 x 410 x 650 (mm)
stool 60ℓ : 550 x 410 x 320 (mm)



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