‘crayon’ is a series of food bars by luxirare that are made from various other foods crushed together and formed into cylinders to look just like crayons. the set of bars are each a unique shade that is made from other foods of the same shade. the various foods where selected and crushed into a powder and bound with marshmallow. while each crayon is edible, some are more nutritious than others based on their ingredients. the crayons even draw on paper and come in a box of 8 with a full ingredient list for each shade.

crayon food bars color set

crayon food bars detail of the crayons

crayon food bars

crayon food bars

crayon food bars

crayon food bars three of the ingredients used for all of the bars were choco covered sunflower seeds, fruity pebbles (organized by color) and melted marshmallows.

crayon food bars each crayon is made with color divisions. yes, the flavor is based on colors, not actual flavors…

crayon food bars a color set made from processed corn, nuts, yellow fruity pebbles, bee pollen, super healthy!

crayon food bars green crayon ingredients: peas, green beans, dried kiwi, green fruity pebbles, dried pumpkin seeds

crayon food bars ingredients being pressed into a crayon mold

crayon food bars processed nuts, sesame seeds and moistened with melted marshmallows