cristián mohaded forms concrete andes lamps for STRESS collection
all images © emma livingston




cristián mohaded kicks off the STRESS collection by argentinean studio inconcrete with the ‘andes’ lamps. the lights are an experimentation with the physical qualities of light-concrete. by creating a tension between volume and morphology, the object takes on a weightlessness that allows the unwavering material to take on different roles in the domestic space. ‘andes’ are influenced by membrane and shell structures, which possess innate qualities that are translated into the lamps’ stretched, fluid materiality. STRESS collection is still in conceptual phases, and will eventually feature variations of ‘andes’, as well as tables, benches, and other accessories all produced in light-weight concrete by inconcrete.

cristián mohaded andes lamps inconcrete STRESS collection designboom
‘andes’ lamps 

the seemingly-stretched quality of the lights give the impression of weightlessness

cristián mohaded andes lamps inconcrete STRESS collection designboom



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